Put those lights up this morning.

If, like me, you were trying to get your Christmas lights up yesterday while the weather was pleasant but didn’t quite get it all done, you have a few more hours of dry weather! So hurry up! 🙂

Oh, and when you’re done don’t forget to put in your guess for the snow contest! 🙂

Rain is currently sweeping down the Island.

The forecast has the moisture reaching us in the 10AM-1PM period.

It will remain showery throughout the afternoon and evening, then stronger rain and possibly wind will move in over the entire Island overnight.

The rain will be cleared away by noon on Monday and replaced with strong northwest winds on the West and East Coast and we should get some Sunshine in cool temperature on Tuesday!

No chance for snow yet, but it is feeling a little more likely! Better get your Snow Contest Guess in! 🙂

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