Rainy Friday. Sunny Saturday. Get your guess in for the first snow! Website improvements.

A few showers Thursday and rain Friday.

We are in for another couple days of rainy weather. Showers will come and go Thursday in Port Alberni and the west coast Thursday.

But the major rain will come Friday as much of the central Island will start to see rain around noon with the main force of the weather pushing in before 4PM. The South Island will be mostly dry.

Rain will spread south through the evening Friday but the systems will move fairly quickly and much of the Island will be dry again before 10PM. The South Island will dry out before 1AM.

Behind the front, the clouds will clear and it should deliver a cool but pleasant and sunny Saturday!

Get you Snow Contest Guess in!

Guesses are starting to come in for the First Snow contest! Click the link to go and enter your guess!

Website improvements!

You will have noticed the lack of posts lately. I have been working behind the scenes to make some minor and major improvements.

  • The webcam is back online! It will be live roughly between sunrise and sunset.
  • I have cleaned up some links and images on the webcam and satellite pages.
  • Barometric pressure is now in kiloPascals, the standard in Canada, for most areas of the Almanac. I can’t change it yet for the Data view but I am working on the developers to enable that!
  • You will notice I also caught up the Summary posts with September and October now up. They seem like ages ago!

Have a great Thursday and I will be back tomorrow with another post!

Don’t forget to guess in the Snow Contest! 🙂

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