Update: – A Reverse Prize – Snow Tonight? FIRST SNOW of WINTER 2020 CONTEST!

Update: A Decision on Prizes!

Please check out the Prizes section to see an Important Announcement!

It might snow tonight – Dec 12/13!

Yes, there is a chance for snow overnight! And that is why I have posted this update now. There is a chance we will wake up tomorrow with some snow on the ground. Be careful if you are headed over the Hump or Sutton Pass, expect slippery conditions.

Showers will start in the 3-4AM period and intensify and potentially deliver snow on the ground at around 7AM. It will taper off by mid morning Sunday.

If it does snow tonight, it looks like Jan Little, Lynn Ruttan, and Tracy Fenner are going to be the top 3 closest! We’ll see!

When will we get measurable snow at Alberniweather? 


Entries Were Open Until December 8th, 2020.


How Does it Work?

Contestants provide the date and time on a zero or a five (eg. Nov 23 12:45PM).  Each entry is a five minute ‘window’.  Check the rules at the bottom if you have any questions or shoot me an email or leave a comment.

The Prize(s)! – UPDATE!

I have always tried to use this contest and prizes to promote local businesses.

This year, it feels very different. I have had a hard time justifying asking businesses for gift certificates and prizes at a time when so many are struggling just to make ends meet.

So after much thought, I have had a different idea.

A reverse prize (!?) – Help a Business.

The top 3 winners of the Snow contest will be asked to buy something from a specific Port Alberni business and take a picture of the business (Pandemic Safe of course) or of its online space.

Winners will send their picture (the “snowier” the better!) to Alberniweather (text 250-731-7930, email or comment here) so that it can be displayed on this website to promote the business!

Other Alberniweather visitors who have not ‘won’ a prize will be encouraged to pick a local business and do the same!

I hope you understand and join me in supporting our local businesses!

I hope by doing that, this can be a way for this website and you wonderful people who visit it to give back to our community in its time of need.

If you have any thoughts, I’m open to suggestions in the comments.

Take care,

The Official Guess Calendar

If you are on mobile or can’t see the calendar, click here.

Good Luck!

The rules:

  1. You must pick a date, hour, and minute (eg. Nov 23 12:45). Minutes should be on the zeros or fives. You will end up with a 5 minute “window” so if you pick November 23 at 12:45PM, your window will be November 23 from 12:45PM to 12:50PM.
  2. Closest time wins.
  3. A winner will be declared when there is enough snow on the front lawn of Alberniweather HQ to measure 1cm with a standard ruler.
  4. If it snows before the contest entry period closes, a prize will be awarded and a 2nd contest will commence as soon as the snow melts.
  5. You need to be able to come to Port Alberni to get your prize!
  6. You must enter your guess in the comments section of this webapge (not facebook or twitter). You can also enter by email at alberniweather@gmail.com
  7. You can only pick one date, but you can change the date at any time during the entry period.
  8. Choices must be entered by midnight 00:00 DECEMBER 8, 2020.
  9. If my wife (Theresa) wins she will get a prize as will the next closest contestant. πŸ™‚
  10. You can guess “No Snow at All”. This will be on a First come first served basis kind of like guessing $1 on the Price is Right! :). I believe Port Alberni has never recorded snow in May so I’ll “call it” on May 1. If no snow has fallen by then, the “No Snow” winner will be declared and other prizes will go to the latest guesses.
  11. I reserve the right to modify or add to these rules since I probably missed something. πŸ™‚

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    1. Going for perfection love it! :). Thanks Derek, you’re entered. Please feel free to share this post so others can play (unless of course you don’t WANT them to. :))

    1. Yay! I hope it works out! Just want to continue the tradition of helping local business *and* still give people here something to feel good about for winning this silly little contest. πŸ™‚

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