September 28, 2022


Live Webcam Sunrise to Sunset (with sound) on Youtube

click image to play video.

Current Live Webcam Still Image

Current Still image at the Alberniweather webcam.

click image to see full size and download

Other Webcams around the Island

Note: Don’t expect the Sutton Pass webcam to return anytime soon!

More Local Webcams

10 thoughts on “Webcams

  1. when will the web cam at Harbour Quay be fixed miss seeing the harbour , thank you will there ever be a web cam at Victoria Quay.

  2. People go to such extent just to feel secure in their own house. I think we should all install a security system in our home so that we can protect ourselves from any type of liability.

  3. I have always wanted a 360-degree webcam so that I can make the whole experience integrative for the users. This seems like the next best thing that I can get for the system.

  4. There is only one way out and into of Port Alberni and we rely deeply on the web cam for travelling over the Mountain referred to as the Alberni hump, it seems as though the web cam is inoperative more than it is operative, why is this, if it effected Victoria in any way it would be fixed immediately. We live in Alberni and rely a lot on the camera as there is a medical problem in the family that requires us to go to Nanaimo frequently, it seems as though the other Cams are working but whoever looks after the Alberni Hump cam is slacking off.

    1. Hi Dave! All of the webcams are maintained by the BC Ministry of Transportation/DriveBC. You’re definitely right that the Alberni Summit cam seems to very often be offline. Without hard-line power and only spotty cell reception up there and a lot of dark, cloudy days, it seems it has a hard time this time of year to stay powered up and transmitting. You can always put your comments in to DriveBC or the MOT. But I am pretty sure they are well aware too. I’ve talked to them a few times over the years and they work really hard to try to keep it all online. Alberni Summit is a big challenge.

      Thanks for the comments.

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