Strong Northwesterlies clearing out clouds. Windchill Wednesday.

Rain has ended, clearing soon.

The rain pushed through overnight and ended a couple hours ago. In its place, northwesterly winds are clearing the skies. There are 80kph winds reported in Juan de Fuca at this hour.

There are only some scattered clouds over the pacific behind the front. So hopefully we see some Sunshine today.

Wind Chilly Wednesday

Tuesday should be pleasant as well as Wednesday but Wednesday morning could see some very cold temperatures (at least for us :)) as the wind makes it feel near -4°C. There does not appear to be any chance the actual temperature will fall below freezing this week though, so no snow. So go get your snow contest guess in! 🙂

Forecast disagreement Thursday

Environment Canada says we might get rain on Thursday but the UWash model says the very weak front will dissipate before it gets to the Island. So we’ll see what happens with the forecast through the next few days. Either way, it doesn’t look serious.

We should stay dry until at least Sunday.

Happy Monday! And go enter the Snow Contest! Lots of guesses now coming in! Check the calendar before you make your guess. 🙂

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