No contest winner yet! Rain on the way! More Christmas-y next week? Christmas lights map!

Close, but just not quite there.

We take Snow and Snow Contests seriously around here… so figuring out whether it actually snowed enough for a winner to be declared is a tricky business. Especially when it can change depending on where you live!

Try as it might have yesterday, we just never got that full blanket of snow down on the grass at Alberniweather HQ!

I even tried to measure it at one point…. but I just ended up measuring the height of the grass!

So we wait for another day!

‘Reverse’ Prize for Snow Contest – Promote a Local Business!

As I mentioned on the Snow Contest post this weekend, I have been giving a lot of thought to prizes this year. I didn’t feel right asking businesses for gift certificates and prizes. They are already struggling. And I can’t afford to give y’all amazing prizes myself. 🙂 So I decided on a Reverse Prize.

When winners are declared I will select three businesses for the top three closest guesses and encourage them to go to those businesses. Even if you don’t buy anything and just take a picture to promote them here and on social media that would be great! Everything we can do to help our local small businesses get through this extraordinary time!

I will also post a list of businesses in Port Alberni for all the rest of visitors here to pick one and promote it!

The forecast! Rain, wind, warm. Starts again tonight!

It’s going to be a wet and warm week. No snow, that’s for sure!

A strong system will sweep in overnight tonight with rain and gusty winds.

It will taper off a little by Tuesday morning but Rain and showers will continue all day Tuesday then more rain and possible wind moves in Tuesday night and into Wednesday!

Looks like a bunch of stormy days this week! The bright side, if you don’t like snow, is the southerly winds will bring in warm temperatures.

Maybe a different story next week.

But fear not Christmas lovers! There are some chilly signs for next week! It is still a little early to say anything for certain, but there is hope!

Christmas Lights Page is Updated!

One more thing! I updated the Christmas lights map page this weekend. If you have some good addresses that aren’t on the route, or if somewhere on the route is dark, let me know and I will add it! Just comment on the page or shoot me an email.

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