That’s your forecast for the next week. Good luck! 😉

It’s a pretty mixed bag for the next week but not really that mixed for the closest days. Expect another 5-10mm of rain today followed by hopefully some bright patches on Thursday.

From Thursday on we get system after system of rain until we culminate on Saturday with what looks right now as very heavy rain and possible wind.

Cold next week – But not quite for Christmas.

We then dive into a freezer on Monday. We should get some northwesterly air and freezing temperatures just before Christmas! That will at least give us a *chance* of seeing snow in the air just before Santa comes! For now, Christmas Day itself looks warm and green and wet. 🙂

Christmas Map Page

If you are looking for the Christmas lights page, just head over to

And if you have any suggestions on how to keep a finicky outside plug from popping it’s GFI breaker whenever it rains, I’d love to hear it! Our lights don’t like the rain and we are all a little sad! But we will get them working again and take a new picture for the page! 🙂

Have a great day!

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