The record breaking continues into Thanksgiving weekend

Incredible string

The Airport has broken its daily high temperature every day of October except for the 4th (missed it by 1ºC). Friday is likely to break it again and Saturday and Sunday could as well. That would leave us with 8 of the first 9 days of the month setting new high points for each day. A stunning feat.

Monday cool off, but rain?

We’ve predicted rain a few times and been disappointed so I’m going to keep the prediction to very minor precipitation for Monday as this is only a front sweeping through and not a real Pacific storm that would indicate a change in the pattern.

What the front on Monday will do though is bring cooler, more seasonal, air into the area and we should see temperatures only get to around 18-20ºC rather than 25-30ºC of the last week.

A ridge of high pressure continues to keep the Pacific storms well off of the coast.

Coastal Mountain Snow

We should see the first hints of snow on the Coastal mountain ranges across Georgia Strait on Monday as cold air is pulled down from the North and produces snow through much of the highlands of the Interior

Long Range possible change

In the ultra long range out to next weekend we see the high pressure system has finally moved East and more active weather in the Pacific is approaching. We’ll see how serious this will be or whether it will be a false start to the Fall weather pattern. But it is an indication that: Winter is Coming.

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