It feels overly hot, because it is.

If you felt like the first days of October got off to an unusually hot start, you’re right.

We hit 28.0ºC and 29.3ºC on Saturday and Sunday respectively. That easily beat the Airport records for those days of 24.8ºC and 23.0ºC. Saturday will be a runner up to a 31.7ºC day at Beaver Creek in 1923, but October 2nd at 29.3ºC is a new historical all time high. (It got up to 29.9ºC at Alberniweather)

Hot and Dry Continues

There is no end in sight yet for the sunny and warm weather. The good news is we will come down from our extreme highs on Tuesday but the sun will remain and we will keep getting into the mid-20s every afternoon.

Interior Snow after Thanksgiving?

While we’re talking about record high temperatures now, the model has some pretty interesting predictions for this time next week with a cold front coming down from Alaska and spreading freezing temperatures and maybe even some snow in the BC Interior.

On the Coast we might see highs of just 10ºC.

We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Monday!