BC Wildfire on Scene after local fire departments action overnight

Two fires started near Cox Lake and Franklin River Road just south of Port Alberni. The fires are spreading smoke across the City and Valley. It was human caused. The westward (left) one is about 0.3ha and under control, the eastern one is about 4ha (10 acres) and not under control.

Wind a concern this afternoon

Environment Canada is calling for SouthEast 20-40kph winds this afternoon as a front moves through. Unfortunately the fires are directly southeast of the City so the wind could push the fire toward homes on Franklin River Road or Cox Lake.

The good news is fire crews from all over the Valley responded and as of daybreak BC Wildfire is on the scene with at least 2 helicopters and multiple personnel. The local fire departments were able to get one fire under control.

As of around 9AM, local fire departments have now left the scene and BC Wildfire has taken over fighting the eastward fire.

It’s unlikely we will get much precipitation from the front today so fire crews are on the own and the underbrush will remain very dry. The good news is temperatures will not get over 25ºC. You can see the smoke on the webcam, though it is right behind the chimney. Best to keep the windows closed today as the smoke won’t be very nice.

I’ll update this post if any major developments occur.

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