Rainy blustery weather moving down the Island overnight and Sunday. Sun on Monday!c

The windy afternoon was a pretty clear sign of a change in the weather and it’s on its way.

The image above is for the 8-11PM period. Showers should be already happening on the West Coast and across the North Island. Showers are likely to start in Port Alberni before midnight.

Expect the strongest precipitation in Port Alberni and most of the Island in the 2-5AM period.

The back of the front should move through and the winds shift from SW to NW before noon for the north and central Island. A little later for the South Island.

Gusty winds Sunday morning.

Good chance for blustery winds on Sunday as the front moves through. However, it should diminish by Sunday night

Back to Sun on Monday!

The good news is that the Sun should make a quick return on Monday! Port Alberni will likely see fog in the cool mornings but expect warm sunny skies in the afternoons through most of next week!

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