Monday Storm. Rainfall Warning issued for Port Alberni and other parts of VI.

Environment Canada has issued multiple warnings across the Island.

The West Island has Rainfall and Wind Warnings posted. Inland (Port Alberni) has a Rainfall warning. And the East Island from Nanoose Bay to Campbell River have Rain and Wind warnings. Victoria also has a Wind Warning.

In areas with wind warnings, gusts to 80kph are expected. Rainfall warnings are for amounts up to 100mm before the storm is done on Tuesday.

This system could cause some local flooding especially as we are at peak tides for the year but without any snow on the mountains yet there will at least be none to melt and add to the rivers.

It is already raining lightly but don’t expect the heaviest rain to start until the 4-7AM period Monday morning.

That will also be the time to expect some of the strongest winds. I would expect ferry disruptions throughout the day on Monday as sustained winds of up to 45knots (80kph) are expected in the Strait of Georgia from Midnight until Monday afternoon.

Batten down the hatches, find your flashlights and clear your drains. Here comes the Pineapple Express. 🙂

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