It’s time for the July 2013 recap!

It’s going to be a nice day… and there may be some clouds today and tomorrow, but I don’t expect much, if any, rain. We got a trace early this morning.

Here is the Timelapse!

This July was warmer than normal for average, high, and low temperatures, and overall it was very dry. The overall average temperature for all the stations in the Valley was 19.4C. The average high was a balmy 27.1C and an average of only 3.5mm of rain fell. This is 2.1C above normal (June was +1.3C) for temperature and obviously below normal for rainfall compared to the 1970-2000 normal daily averages for July at Environment Canada.

For the first time I can report averages from the newly released 1981-2010 climate normals from Environment Canada. They are not available online yet, but I have the spreadsheet (you can download it here) so have included them below. Unfortunately, I have been using the Port Alberni ‘A’ station normals, and the new normals are only available from the Robertson Creek fish hatchery station because the ‘A’ station stopped reporting in 1996. The Robertson Creek station does show rises from the 1971-200 to 1981-2010 climate periods in all categories of temperature and rain. I will include the Robertson Creek station 1981-2010 climate in all subsequent updates.

For the first time in their 60 year record at YVR in Vancouver, they recorded no rain in the month of July. Vancouver and Victoria airports also recorded the most hours of sunshine ever in July. Port Alberni has had months of July with 0 or Trace amounts of rain, so we did not set a record for dryness. But it was certainly dry across the south coast.

– Stats for the Month –

Average Daily Temperature:
Difference from 1970-2000 normal: +2.1C
Environment Canada Airport: 19.3C
Alberni Elementary:19.5C
Maquinna: 19.3C
Neptune Canada: 19.2C
Overall Average: 19.4C
1970-2000 Environment Canada Normal: 17.3C
1981-2010 Environment Canada Normal (Robertson Creek): 18.3C

Average Minimum Daily Temperature
Difference from normal: +2.1C
Alberniweather: 13.0C
EC: 10.5C
AES: 12.5C
MAQ: 12.8C
NEP: 13.0C
Overall Average: 12.4C
Environment Canada Normal: 10.3C
1981-2010 Environment Canada Normal (Robertson Creek): 10.9C

Average Maximum Daily Temperature
Difference from normal: +2.9C
Alberniweather: 27.1C
EC: 28.0C
AES: 26.9C
MAQ: 27.4C
NEP: 26.2C
Overall Average: 27.1C
Environment Canada Normal: 24.2C
1980-2010 Environment Canada Normal (Robertson Creek): 25.5C

Average Rainfall difference from normal: -23.6mm
Alberniweather: 2.8mm
EC: 6.6mm
AES: 3.6mm
MAQ: 1.0mm
NEP: NA (not measured)
Overall Average: 3.5mm
Environment Canada Normal: 27.1mm
1980-2010 Environment Canada Normal (Robertson Creek): 31mm

Comparison to recent years at Alberniweather (only).
Remember those “Bummer Summers”? Not this year!

2013 just under 2C warmer. 3.3C warmer on our maximums but 0.1C cooler on our minimums. July 2012 was dry (remember the drought that lasted through October?) with only 12mm of rain but July 2013 was even drier.

2013 was just under 3C warmer than the bummer summer 2011 and a massive 5C warmer for our highs! July 2011 was wet, 39.9mm. What a bummer that was!

July 2013 was similar to 2010. It was just a little warmer than 2010. 2010 got the same rain. (2.1mm)

2009 was our last really warm year, hotter than this July. 2009 was 0.7C warmer than this year. 2009 did get more rain though. (10mm)

2008 was the same average high (27.0C). 2008 had more rain. (26.9mm)

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