Well, November has come and gone and so has the rain! We set a new record according to Environment Canada. Over 800mm of rain fell at Alberni Airport in November. We nearly set a daily record as well at around 110mm on the worst day but November 2006 still beat it out with 120mm. My drains and my basement are happy that November is over.

So, anyone know where El Nino is and when he’s showing up?

We’re diving into a cold pattern this week and next that feels very much like the pattern we had last year. Remember that? Bitter cold and 6 feet of snow by the end of December (a La Nina year remember) on the East Coast? Well.. we get the bitter cold part this week. The Northerly winds should pick up, sparing us the fog, and the temperature should drop to around -8 in the early mornings next week.

Not a whiff of precipitation though. Not until next weekend, when we have what looks like a regular frontal system coming in. Might mean some snow on the front end at least. THe model has the temperature holding steady around 2-4C while it “precipitates” over us 🙂 So snow? Hard to say, but likely not at this point. We’ll see what happens as the forecast approaches real time.

Stay warm! Time to shut off the outside pipes!


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14 thoughts on “Cold Cold Cooold!

  1. I look forward to those Northerly breezes blowing away the fog. Blue skies really make the cold worthwhile!

  2. Now this is what winter is supposed to look like! Cold and frosty! It got down to -7C at the EC weather station last night, and it might be colder tonight.

  3. These groups of wind gusts are sure bringing dry air with them… I haven’t seen my humidty meter drop below 98 in days! Just means it’ll be cold tonight around the bonfire.

  4. Yep I agree Nick

    Didn’t Even have to scrape the windows this mornin when I got off work at 4:45 this morn.

    Lots off debris on bever crk road though, was it windy Last night? looks like we lost power out here in the creek..

    Dang to bad I missed it!

    : )


  5. Strange. the wind blew in from ENE last night, but then it warmed up! I guess the valley was colder than surrounding areas so the wind brought in some warmer air rather than the Arctic air I expected.

  6. Ya we got a few good gusts here last night. It was strange that it actually kept the temperature above zero. Didn’t give any snow to the East Island I don’t think. There looked to be some precip happening just over the border though.

  7. Ya it was cold untill about 1 or 2 in the morn and then it seemed to warm up.?

    I just thought it was my imagination…: )


  8. Yeah, looking at FB tonight, several people here in Ukee are reporting snowfall, or trace amounts on the ground. I wonder what I will wake up to in the morning. I don’t have to work tomorrow, which is nice. Might do some lighting for my upcoming dance.

  9. It’s not in the forecast, but the GFS has been predicting more precip Thursday night than Environment Canada has for Saturday. If we do get any, it will almost certainly be snow.

  10. I see EC’s forecast has moved the chance of flurries up to Wednesday morning/afternoon. Should be interesting.

  11. Ah. Now precip has disappeared from the short range GFS model forecast again. 🙂 And just a sprinkle on Friday.

    Oh well… careful what we wish for right… we could be in Windsor right now. 😀

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