Don’t you just get that feeling that it might just maybe just might might have a snowflake in the air?

Nick and Eve asked in the comments of the last post if maybe there might be some snow tonight.

I don’t know honestly! It sure is *close* to being cold enough, but we really haven’t gotten down into that magical freezing point for any stretch of time really so I don’t konw if there is enough cold air to do it. And the temperature seems to be holding pretty firm at plus 2.

Hard to say though, if we get a bit of a puff of wind from the North just as the moisture starts to come in from the Pacific who knows what might happen.

One thing is for sure, if you’re out driving the Hump or Sutton Pass tonight or tomorrow morning, take care. It’s liable to get ugly.

We’re in for another warm Pacific front starting tonight and going through tomorrow. After that though, we’re going to be drying out and cooling down along with the rest of North America (right on over to the Nor’East)… we might get a little snow late in the week. Along with northern Florida!

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11 thoughts on “An Unexpected Snowfall?

  1. I know weird day today… i was watching the radar on and off and it was as if all the rain was wrapping around us on the East side but never came through.

    No complaints here either! Got some Christmas lights up!

  2. 11.56 degrees! Weird is right! Went to the Craft Sale at McLean Mill – not a drop of rain and downright pleasant. Let’s have another tomorrow!

  3. I ment to mention I notice my temp. up here on the hill is always a couple of degrees warmer that your 6th ave stn. The wind always seems to be coming down the hill in front of my house from the east and yet I can look out and see the gale blowing up the canal from the south. Must be a micro climate is caused by this as I can garden sooner and longer than when I lived down on lower Margret St. in the 60’s

  4. Another great day yesterday. Since when do we get 11C all day in late November without a big storm? It stayed warm all night too, but it’s supposed to get colder as the day goes by today.

  5. So the 11am forecast denotes an abnormal temperature trend. Today’s high temp is supposed to be 1c.. MAHAHAHAH!

  6. Wow, looks like the only chsnce of snow for the next ten days will be “lake effect” from the cold air blowing over Georgia Strait. The longer GFS is predicting a fair amount of precipitation around the 15th though, so that might be our next chance at snow.

  7. Brett Anderson is saying we might get some lake effect on Sunday/Monday

    “The second Arctic front coming southward through all of western Canada later in the weekend means business! This will be the coldest day of the season from Vancouver to Seattle on Sunday with temperatures in the lower single digits celsius during the day. Our current forecasts still might not be cold enough. Again, not a favorable setup for snow around Vancouver, but it might be cold enough for some snow over eastern Vancouver Island as the cold air picks up moisture across the Strait of Georgia.”

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