Sunny and warm Father’s Day and beyond. Port Alberni Water Restrictions starting on 17th – Some Watering Tips!

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend! There is no moisture in the forecast out through next week and the City of Port Alberni is implementing Stage 1 Water Restrictions. This is earlier than ever before. The low snowpack and drought has taken its toll.

So while you are celebrating with Dad, get him to put in some water conservation systems in your yard!

A timer on your taps so that they water in the early morning or late evening is a great first step! There’s lots of them around at your local hardware stores! Like this:

Or this!

They’re usually around $20-$60.

If you want to get really fancy and your dad likes to put things together (what Dad doesn’t it!?) you could even look at a drip/low flo watering/spraying system that puts the water exactly where it needs to go in your garden and to your plants!

It will save a huge amount of water compared to sprinklers and even hand-watering and is convenient too.

Plus, it’s a great project to work on.

And remember. Gold Grass is the Best Grass! ;=) (No Grass is great too!)

Oh, and here’s a bonus feature for this post. I wrote a thread on twitter today, prompted by the City’s announcement, about the time a forest company tried to convince me the trees were stealing my water! Watch out, they’re coming for yours next! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

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