New Webcams up for near-360º views! Weekend weather cools


Check out the new Webcams! Take the Poll!

I’m super excited to announce that two new webcams are up and running on the roof of Alberniweather HQ providing a 315º view (roughly, NE, South, and NW)

Check them out! One view looks roughly Northeast, with a view of Mt. Arrowsmith and north Port, and the other looks West toward Comox Glacier.

New East Camera
New West Camera
Existing South Camera

I’ll be working on adjusting the angles and views to provide the most sky coverage and best/most useful views. I would love to hear your feedback! You can leave a comment here, send an email, or I am running a poll on Mastodon, you can sign up on to participate (and also follow me and others on the Fediverse!)!

I still have a few more chores to do to get them up to speed including adding timelapses and also potentially a combined view with all three angles like this from last night.

I would love to hear your feedback on what views you want. Please let me know soon so that I can make the final adjustments to the cameras themselves!

Weekend Cooling Off during the Day, but warmer mornings.

We’ve had pretty big swings from near or just below freezing in the morning to 15-20ªC in the afternoons! This pattern will end Friday and Saturday/Sunday are looking more mild with some rain as well.

A weak front moves onto the Island Saturday evening around 5PM, I would expect some wind with this system as well.

Showers will linger through the night on Saturday into Sunday morning.

Things should dry out Sunday morning for the most part though the model does show a few patches of showers scattered across the Island, mostly the north and west parts.

Sunny next week

It looks to be sunnier and warmer again next week as we get back into a warm days cool mornings kind of pattern but the mornings look milder, only down to 5ºC minimum instead of freezing. Perhaps this will be the last chance of frost?

Have a great weekend and please do sign up and take the poll!

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