Heaviest rain and warmest temperatures done. But watch rivers.

It was a deluge yesterday. So far this week we have received 82mm of rain. It was also very warm, it got up to 15.8°C here at Alberniweather and 13.6°C at the Airport. That broke the short term record… but not the all time record of 17.2°C set at the Beaver Creek station on that day in 1917 (that would have been a fun record to break 100 years to the day!).

Before I get into what is coming… I want to let you know I continue to work on updating the website, as you no doubt have noticed.  Please let me know what YOU want (or don’t want!) to see. Now is the time while I am creating the new look. The hardest part is bringing all the detailed data back as i need to design it and get it all into a page. It will take time. In the meantime, most of the data you seek is here.

So what weather is coming next?

Yup, Rain.

Beware of rising river levels. The coming days will not help the situation and the warm temperatures is going to charge the rivers with snow melt as well. Tseshaht reserve and others along the river and around Sproat Lake should be prepared for flooding.  For city residents there are free sand bags and sand available in the parking lot on 6th Abenue.

Thursday won’t be too bad… Mostly drying out this morning but there will be a shot of showers in the late afternoon.

We should get another break tonight but Friday will bring rain, starting before sunrise and not ending until Saturday.

The pic below is for the 48hrs between Thursday 4PM and Saturday 4PM. Most of this rain will fall on Friday. Likely 30-60mm for the Alberni Valley. More if you are closer to the hills of course.

But there is also more coming Saturday evening and overnight. Then we hopefully get a break on Sunday.

Stay safe and dry and warm, and please if you live in the City or anywhere near a drain and notice and leaves or debris clogging it, please take a minute to clear away the leaves.  City crews have been very busy clearing plugged catch basins all over.

Happy Thursday!


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