The Weather and Climate Summary for February 2018

Daily and All Time Records Set

Set at the Airport* since 1995 and compared to other stations** for “All Time” since 1900.

Four new short term low temp records. One new rain record.
No All Time Records were set this month.

  • February 12 low temp -6.6º C : #1 is -13.3º C at Bvr. Crk. in 1949.
  • February 19 low temp -9.7º C : #1 is -14.5º C at Rbrtsn. Crk. in 1986.
  • February 21 low temp -8.2º C : #1 is -12.2º C at Bvr. Crk. in 1910.
  • February 22 low temp -10.0º C : #1 is -12.2º C at Bvr. Crk. in 1910.
  • February 28 rain 27.4 mm : #1 is 94.7 mm at Port Alberni in 1946.

February 2018 City Station Data Comparisons

Minimum, Mean, and High Average Temp, Total Precipitation and Highest Wind

*Alberniweather rain gauge under-reporting so has been removed

Overall City Averages compared to Station of Record Averages and Normals

  • City Average: 0.1º C, 2.8º C, 6.6º C,  76.3 mm
  • Airport* : -1.7º C, 2.3º C, 6.3° C90.2 mm, NW 37kph on 18th
  • Normal 1981-2010 (Rbrstn Creek): -0.6º C, 3.0º C 6.6° C, 222.7 mm

Differences from Normal

  • City +0.5° C, -0.2º C, 0.0º C-146.4 mm, (34% of normal)
  • Official Airport -1.1° C, -1.7º C, -0.3º C-132.5 mm (40.5% of normal)

Days of Precipitation*

Normal DaysDays This Month
>= 0.2 mm: 17.2 16
>= 5 mm:  10.2 : 7
>= 10 mm: 7.5 : 2
>= 25 mm: 3.2 : 1

Comparison to same month at Alberniweather

Most similar month at Alberniweather:  2008

* May have used backup Environment Canada Data source at

**^^ Missing Data from Airport, Alberniweather broke existing Airport record temperature. Temperature at Alberniweather will be different. Usually Alberniweather underestimates temperatures in summer compared to Airport.

** Short Term means since 1995 at the new AVRA Airport. Airport Records are compared to the 30+ year weather stations of record since 1900 (1895 for rain) at Beaver Creek, Port Alberni "City" and Robertson Creek.  Note that records pre 1950 may be more likely to over-estimate high temperatures.

Last Month’s and Last February’s Summary

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