Chilly air is here – but still record hot – and waiting for rain

Getting close to frost – and still breaking heat records

We got down to 5ºC this morning… and just 2ºC at the Airport. There may have been some hints of frost in some parts of the Valley this morning. A welcome sign.

But yet, the forecast today through Saturday is for record breaking heat up to 26ºC! In the middle of October!!

From October 8th on, there are no records at the Airport above 25ºC and most are closer to 20ºC so we’re likely to break a bunch more records for the month.

No rain

Have you noticed how low Cameron Lake is? Sproat Lake is also very low.

There is no rain in the 7 day forecast and nothing significant out to 10 days either.

Beyond that we get into more historic forecasting (ie. the models tend to gravitate toward what has happened in the past), and so they are much more unreliable at this point since we are clearly not following historical patterns.

This is quickly shaping up to be both the hottest, and driest, October on record. The high pressure has also kept our skies very dry, so we haven’t even had a lot of fog which is another significant process that delivers moisture to our ecosystems

Clear Skies – Cold Mornings

We will have some very wide gaps in our morning low and afternoon highs. Look out for frost in the coming mornings as the clear skies make for cold temperatures.

On the bright side, the star gazing should remain pretty spectacular.

Fire being held.

The fire last weekend is now classed as “being held” at 3.45 hectares (8.5acres). Big thanks to our local and BC Wildfire firefighters for their quick work in holding this fire at bay. The cool nights and mornings likely helped a bunch too.

Please folks, if you’re out in the bush, be extremely careful with any heat source, be it a campfire or stove. It remains extremely dry and the Fire Danger remains high.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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