A return to snow or maybe rain Thursday afternoon and Friday.



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It was a beautiful today today.

It warmed up pretty fast and the snow took a big dent out of the accumulated snow. However, there is more coming. The question is, rain or snow?

Starting Thursday afternoon we will be back into a pattern of precipitation. However, the warm of the last couple days could mean we see a mix of rain, sleet or snow. This is probably not going to be the fluffy stuff we saw last weekend.

It starts Thursday afternoon between 1-4PM. The dark areas below are arainfall. The green areas are snow. Notice the rain begins at lower elevations especially around Victoria and points south of Nanaimo.

Things change rapidly in the 4-7PM hour. We get into heavier precipitation and that changes it over more to snow. Notice though that Port Alberni still has rain.

Whether we see snow or rain in any one area or another will be very difficult to tell until it happens. Be ready for any condition and expect slippery conditions.

However, by the 7-10PM timeframe it appears the model expects things to change completely to snow.

Things taper off from 10PM-1AM and through the overnight hours. Likely bringing with it a change back to rain in some parts.

Friday will truly be a mixed bag. There will be pockets of rain and snow all day Friday. Which is where is impossible to say.

In the end, expect snow to fall anytime beetween noon Thursday and the end of the day Friday. Some parts of the Island could see 20cm or more. Other parts, like Port Alberni might just see a lot of sleet and slush.

No matter what, it will be slick on the road and chilly. Be prepared, keep an eye on conditons as they will change quickly and send in your updates.

Looks like snow may continue on the east side on Saturday and then it looks like it should clear up on Sunday and Monday! (I totally forgot it was the long weekend! Haha)

Winter isn’t done with us yet!

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