After a great Saturday, we had quite the Sunday with constant rain and some of our strongest winds of the winter.

We received 35.3mm of rain on Sunday and we’ve got 114.8mm so far for February which is about half the 234mm we normally get in February. In fact, while we are on the topic of normals, our normal average high for February is 3.6C and we’ve managed a full degree more than that at 4.8C so far. Given the forecast for the next 3 days I think we’ll definitely come out ahead.

In contrast, January 2013 was half a degree cooler on average at 1.5C than the normal average for the month of 2.1C. It was quite dry with only 105.9mm of rain compared to our normal of 238mm.

Meteorological Winter begins and ends on December 1st and March 1st respectively… so we might as well add in Decembers numbers too. Unfortunately my station was not reporting everything then so I will use the Maquinna Elementary school station. It recorded an average for December of 2.3C which is pretty close to the 2.5C normal. However, the 110.4mm it recorded for December was way below the 275mm normal for the month.

If we average out our ‘normal’ temperatures and add up our rain totals for December/January/February then our normal “Winter” average temperature should be around 2.7C and our rain accumulation should be 749mm.

Winter 2012/2013 (to Feb 25… updated March 1):
Average Temperature: 2.9C (+0.2C basically average)
Rainfall Accumulation: 331.1mm (-417.9mm or 44.2% of normal)

So while you may not like the grey weather… it may be prudent to hope for some rain, because really, we haven’t had nearly as much as perhaps our landscape would like.

We should get a few more mm to bump up that total in the next couple days. But it’s not going to be 400mm. (Thankfully)

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3 thoughts on “Wet Week Ahead – Winter Normals

  1. The micro climates of South Port strike again… I measured 57mm of rain for yesterday. I think Maquinna was just a touch behind. Must be the Dry Creek ravine absorbing all that rain that you don’t get. lol.

    1. Ya isn’t it something? Too bad the Alberni Elementary station rain appears to be blocked or something as it’s not recording much of anything. I went out yesterday in the pouring rain and wind to see how the new location was and it was definitely less windy than it would have been on the roof so should be much more representative of the area. But clearly we are a drier spot here than in soggy South Port. ;=)

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