There are Rain and Wind warnings posted for Inland Vancouver Island:

Total rainfall amounts of 100 mm expected for Inland Vancouver Island by Monday evening.

Westerly winds up to 80 km/h are expected to develop Monday for Inland Vancouver Island. See Update.

There are warnings posted for other parts of Vancouver Island, and most of Coastal BC, try to keep your storm drains clear of fallen leaves and debris.

Update: 19:14PST The AChannel/Islandweather station at Harbour Quay is reporting a top gust so far tonight of 85km/h. I’m always 10 or 20 less than the Quay simply from being within the city. If you notice any wind readings from N, that’s just the anemometer hiccuping from the beating… this is all S or SE winds… they should shift to W overnight or tomorrow. Also the strong winds will cause the rainfall to be underreported as it gets blown right over the collector, you’ll notice the rainrate might jump up during any lulls in the wind.

Update: 19:37PST Whoa! Big Lightning Strike! And the longest thunder rumble I’ve ever heard… lasted like 30 seconds!

Update: 21:02PST Serious lightning storm has now abated, one strike literally shook the foundation of our house.

Env Canada has updated, and increased, their Wind Warning for us:

East winds gusting to 90 km/h are expected to become west winds gusting to 90 km/h on Monday morning for Inland Vancouver Island.

Update: 04:26PST: Updated Forecast, same winds expected and switching to West/SouthWest Additional rainfall amounts of 30 to 40 mm expected.See Update.

Update: 10:52PST: Looks like the worst has blown over, rain has stopped and wind has died down considerably. Time to clean up! The high wind was this morning at 8:14AM @ 84kph from the SSW (the station reported N, but that was just a burp). Unfortunately it looks like has been taken offline maybe by power outages, so we won’t know what the high down at the Harbour Quay was. But it may have been been as high as 95 or 100.

Update: 11:27PST: Rain Warning has been lifted for Inland Vancouver Island. Wind Warning continued, gusts to 90 until late afternoon.See Update

Update 16:03PST: All Warnings have ended for Vancouver Island. Look for more inclement weather on Thursday. American newscasts are calling for it to be similar, or worse.

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22 thoughts on “Warnings posted

  1. hey, great website! We googled looking for local weather conditions and bingo we found it. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Having the local tides may also be an interesting feature…thanks again!

  2. Yeah, that was big! But Chris, don’t you think this is blowing through faster than forecast?

  3. the lighting that just hit was dead over our house on 5th ave near 5th and mar street near zellers parking lot, something in our house snapped like an electrical sparking , but i looked around and couldnt find anything wrong… @ about 8:05pm

  4. Hi Chris… your North wind spikes are legit.. I’ve gotten a few over here on my station.. noticably just before the lightning strikes, the winds swing around to the East, and then spike over…

  5. wow ya our house literally felt like it jumped off the foundation, all the blinds swayed. That’s the biggest thunderclap I have ever heard, and my wife too, and she grew up on the Great Lakes in Ontario!

    Bill: I’m not sure if it’s blowing through faster… but it certainly seems to be blowing harder, from the SE, then they forecast for our region.

    I called Environment Canada at about 7:30 to let them know my high gust of 74, so the forecasters may change their next update slightly, but right now we’re just in the thick of it… so just batten down the hatches I guess.

    Luckily the rain seems to have abated, I’m not changing the towels on the bottom of our two south-facing windows constantly anymore.

  6. floodplain: Glad to have you… know of any good websites with the tide tables? I’m be happy to post a link.

    Brad: The lightning strike that shook our house was at about 8:35, it seemed to come from around Roger Creek.

    Amazingly, the kids are still sleeping… we went in to check on them, we’re more freaked out than they are apparently!

  7. Awesome, thanks floodplain, ya absolutely, they were a big reason why we had such a terrible time last year. Right now it’s a new moon so at least we won’t have huge tides.

  8. Just hit 76kph… phoned Env Can again, forecaster said to expect it to get stronger, and that strong Westerlies are coming at us behind the front for the morning. Hopefully we’re a little protected from those.

  9. Wow, I am really happy to find this site! This thunder has been amazing and Im in awe that my kids are sleeping through it as well.
    Well thnkx for keeping us updated here!!! Its much appreciated!

  10. many trees down, anderson, maybell road, riverroad, the grove, cars hitting downed trees, one cube van was directly smushed, but no one was in it at the time apperently. a car hit the same tree that hit the van.

  11. Woah, Im on Anderson. Just behind QF. So far I can hear metal being tossed around the yard but the trees and power are still ok here.
    The grove would be frightening tonight.

  12. Glad to have you here Kristy. Sorry I didn’t see your comments were stuck in the queue. You can post freely now 🙂 Stay safe!

  13. here’s a quote from my Dad, former fisherman:

    “50[knots] is where the sound in the rigging changes from a screeching to moaning. you don’t want to hear moaning in the rigging”

    We’ve hit 85kph, which is 45knots.

    My Dads in Puerto Vallarta right now, so he’s laughin’ all the way to the Beach. 🙂

  14. Ahh we are all envious of your dad right now!
    Actually I kind of like the stormy weather, makes life exciting around here 😀
    My neighbors gutters are all falling off and they are having to nail plastic over their windows right now.

    Last night on the weather network station they were reffering to this as “windy”, they were forcasting “stormy” for thursday, anyone else hear anything about this?

  15. Ya, the next one is coming for Thursday… I’m just waiting for Environment Canada to issue their new forecasts around 11AM. Then we’ll know what’s up next.

    I’ll be up a ladder later this afternoon as well. Putting plastic over our bedroom window that faces directly south overlooking town/the inlet. The rain gets driven right through the little drain holes… we’ve gone through six or seven towels since yesterday evening… this morning one of our big oversized ones got completely soaked within about 45 minutes.

    I’ll keep this post and thread of comments going until later today then do a fresh one for tomorrow.

  16. ya… new text forecast is just calling for rain, but it does look like it could be a doozy on the satellite analysis there (grey image) if the low is set to deepen.

  17. great site, found it on google.

    I swear my aquarium was going to explode, during one of the lightning strikes last night. I don’t think there was even a second delay from the flash and thunder

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