See the Space Shuttle tomorrow morning!


If we’re lucky and there is a break in the clouds tomorrow morning we might get a very rare opportunity to see the Space Shuttle Discover reenter the atmospher over us! reports that they will making a special early morningre-entry tomorrow if weather permits in Florida.

If they go for the first landing attempt we will see it starting at 5:23AM it will start from around Mt. Klitsa barely above the horizon and it should be at its highest directly to our north over the Beauforts, hopefully it’s high enough to clear the Beauforts (for us to see it :)) and it will finish near north of Mt. Cokely, maybe over the Lookout at 5:27Am.

If they go for the 2nd landing attempt we will see it starting at 6:58AM. It will be daylight, but you might still see the fireball, or at least hear the double sonic booms. It will start from around Mt. Klitsa but this time go over the Inlet and end up going down over Mt. Moriarty to the SE. The good news is it will be about twice as high in the sky as the first attempt would be (23 degrees about 1/4 the way up).

Hope for clearer skys!


So both re-entries tries were scrubbed Monday morning due to bad weather in Florida. They’re going to try again tomorrow morning. The new times are below:

Try #1: In the NorthWest and North sky between 4:08AM and 4:12AM

Try #2: In the North and East sky between 5:42AM and 5:47AM

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2 thoughts on “See the Space Shuttle tomorrow morning!

  1. I took a peek this morning, but it was cloudy to the north, and even at that, there was alot of light pollution from the mills that would have washed out any viewing.

  2. On the topic of seeing things from space, my APT-06 receiver should arrive from Germany hopefully early next week, at which time I will be able to generate full quality NOAA weather satellite images. These will be full bandwidth and not the 60% or so bandwidth that I am getting now using my amateur radio.

    Oh man, talk about a little kid in a candy store when that packages arrives… 🙂

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