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    Forecast Issued 05:00 AM PST Sunday 17 December 2017 Sunday: Rain. Temperature steady near plus 4. Sunday night: Mainly cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers this evening and after midnight. Temperature steady near plus 3. Monday: A mix of sun and cloud. Temperature steady near plus 3. Monday night: Rain. Low plus 2. Tuesday: Rain. High plus 3. Tuesday night: Cloudy periods. Low minus 2. Wednesday: A mix of sun and cloud. High plus 3. Wednesday night: Cloudy periods. Low minus 4. Thursday: Cloudy. High plus 3. Thursday night: Cloudy periods. Low minus 2. Friday: A mix of sun and cloud. High plus 3. Friday night: Cloudy periods. Low minus 4. Saturday: Cloudy. High plus 3.

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Rainy weekend. Wet–slushy?–Tuesday. Foggy or Sunny Christmas?

The fog is gone!  You now have rain to deal with 😀 Before I get started… if you are looking for the Christmas Light Tour Google Map, I have made it its own webpage at: www.alberniweather.ca/christmaslights We have a few light showers overnight.  I didn’t actually record any rainfall on the automatic gauge but my …

Fog continues to Friday but look for meteors if you see a break in the clouds!

If you are lucky enough to get out of, (above) the fog before light, there is a wonderful crescent moon waiting for you.  Also, if we are lucky enough to catch a break, or you head up to higher elevation, you will have perfect clear sky tonight, Wednesday, for the Geminid meteor shower! Look for …

Foggy Conditions gradually lifting by the weekend… to reveal chance of rain/snow.

Yes, you’re in the fog today. However, the weather pattern looks like it will be changing this week and we are in for a couple weeks before Christmas of persistent chances of rain showers, or flurries, as the temperature hovers around zero. Here are the Canadian, and American models for the next 10 days. Notice …

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