Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

Forecast Issued 11:00 AM PDT Thursday 24 April 2014 - Thursday: Showers. High 10. Thursday night: A few showers ending near midnight then partly cloudy. Low plus 3. Friday: A mix of sun and cloud. 60 percent chance of showers late in the afternoon and early in the evening. High 13. Saturday: Cloudy. Low plus 1. High 12. Sunday: Cloudy with 70 percent chance of showers. Low plus 5. High 12. Monday: A mix of sun and cloud. Low plus 1. High 13. Tuesday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low plus 5. High 14.

10.8°C ↓
Hour Change: 0.6°C Alberniweather Web Cam
ESE 10.0km/h
gusts to 17.0km/h

Last Update: Apr 24 2014 - 11:38:10 PDT
  • Port Alberni
  • Barometer
    100.45kPa ↑
  • Solar Radiation
    UV Index
    Solar Power Potential
    Wind Power
  • British Columbia
  • Current Rain Rate
    Heat Index
    Wind Chill
  • Todays Rain
    Cloud Base
    Air Density
  • Lows
  • Temperature
    5.78°C @ 07:03: Tdy.
    99.89kPa @ 02:14: Tdy.
    5.15°C @ 15:25: Ystd
    60% @ 16:26: Ystd
    ------- -------
    ------- -------
  • Wind Chill
    3.81°C @ 06:58: Tdy.
  • Highs
  • Temperature
    13.33°C @ 16:16: Ystd
    101.04kPa @ 12:00: Ystd
    8.27°C @ 09:49: Tdy.
    99% @ 08:06: Tdy.
    ------- -------
    ------- -------
  • Wind Day Average
    Wind Gust
    SSE 38.6km/h @ 11:30: Ystd
    ------- -------
    ------- -------
  • Rain Rate
    7.62mm/hr @ 02:41: Tdy.
    Heat Index
    13.33°C @ 16:16: Ystd
    1062W/m2 @ 13:52: Ystd
    5.8 @ 13:49: Ystd

A new chapter… I’m going to run for Council

We interrupt this regularly scheduled weather broadcast for a brief announcement.

I’m going to run for Councillor in Port Alberni in November. I love this town – my town – and have loved serving it in a small way through this website. I have great concerns for the future that I believe must be addressed and I have great hope and belief that Port Alberni and its residents can and will step up to those challenges and prosper.

Don’t worry, aside from the continued posts on climate change every once in a while, this website isn’t going to change much. I intend to keep providing updates and keep the site going. But I simply ask that if you live in the City, if you have enjoyed and valued the information on this website and time I’ve dedicated to it, that you please consider voting for me for Councillor in November.

Just as it has been great fun and a great privilege to see this site grow and people come to value it, it would also be a huge honour and privilege to work on Council to represent you as best I possibly can.

You can find out more about my position on the issues and share your ideas for what you would like to see in Port Alberni on my personal website at:

Or like my Chris for Councillor FB page at

And oh ya! The weather! Yesterday’s forecast still applies. Expect anything at all times! Yay Spring!

P.S. And here is a special note to others who might be of like mind and like concern on the issues of climate change you have read this far… Do it. Run for politics. Nothing is going to change if no one who wants the change stands up for it in the political realm. It is a huge commitment. I have thought about it for months, years really and talked about it with my wife and family and kids before finally deciding that this is what I had to do to feel I was doing my best to help. So if you have ever considered running, truly consider it. Now is the time.

Posted: April 23rd, 2014 07:04 under Climate Change, General

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An off again on again week – Happy Earth Day!

After a pretty soggy long weekend, it was a gorgeous sunset last night.


That has led to a beautiful morning this morning.


We are only supposed to get 4mm between this morning and Wednesday morning and 8mm between Wednesday and Thursday morning. So in all. Not too bad. It looks a little wetter through the day Thursday and Friday.

As far as timing, showers should begin today in the late afternoon Tuesday and continue off and on much of the night and into Wednesday morning and through the day.

Happy Earth Day!

Posted: April 22nd, 2014 08:04 under Wet

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