Perfect Weather for Bike to Work Week! And Record Low Arctic ice.

You really can’t ask for better weather for bike to work week.  It should be cool in the mornings with morning low cloud.  Nice and cool for your morning bike commute.

Then you will have a hot ride home, especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures should get over 25ºC.  Hopefully your bike ride home is headed north, because you will either have a pretty serious head wind or a great tailwind!

We remain in a very stable pattern with very little precipitation.  The Jetstream has curved way to the North of us.

300j.00.0000300j.00.0000It has been like this for a couple weeks really…. with just little bits and pieces of it passing over our area seemingly randomly… this is the image a few days from now.


You’ll notice some kits of hit heading down towards California and Mexico.  This is the likely source of the moisture for the devastating floods in Texas.

This is the imagery for NEXT Monday.


We are still mostly spared from its influence but notice the freight train coming for California.  Perhaps it will deliver some rain (hopefully not torrential) to those parched parts of the Western US.  That big “blob” of clearness directly off of Vancouver Island and Washington State is a great example of what has *caused* the ‘blob’ of warm water over the past many months.  Without cool ocean winds, that water just absorbs more and more heat thanks to these unusual jet stream patterns that are bringing extended sunny skies here, and extended cold wet weather in middle North America and strange weather all over the Northern Hemisphere.

Arctic Ice extent minimum currently being “crushed”.

Check this graph out…


After a record low and early winter maximum, the Arctic Ice is way below the record for this time of year.  Lets hope this slows down a bit.

Here is the data from a confirmed source:  National Snow and Ice Data Centre.

Well below the 2012 line, and almost below two standard deviations.


Nearly 30ºC on Wednesday – Warm Weekend – And Water Conservation Measures at Great Central

We set a short term record yesterday with an official high of 28.8ºC at the Airport.  Alberniweather got up to 29.5ºC and many anecdotal  reports had temperatures over 30ºC in the City.

You can expect more of the same today even though high cloud will shield some of the sun’s rays.

There is a possibility of thundershowers both today and again Friday.  By the end of the day Friday we might actually have some fairly widespread showers.  Below is the 5PM picture.


It should taper off after sundown but there could be more overnight and into Saturday morning as a fairly well organized and strong front pushes through.  There could be some wind with this as well.


It should be finished by morning on Saturday and the rest of the weekend looks mainly dry except for a return to some possible afternoon showers Sunday.

We should still get over 20ºC on both Saturday and Sunday so it should be a pretty pleasant weekend.

Great Central Lake / Stamp River flow Management

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans advises local government that they, in partnership with Catalyst who operates the dam at Great Central Lake, will be ‘turning down’ the flow out of the Lake in order to keep more water in the lake for later in the summer.  Here is part of their information release:

The Somass Fish-Flow Communication Committee has recommended a reduction in the rate of water release from Great Central Lake for the purpose of conserving water for later in the summer.  Normally, if possible, the summer/fall Stamp River flow is maintained at 15 cubic meters per second (cms).  Currently, the Stamp River flow is 13 cms.  Larry Cross, Catalyst will ramp the flow down by 1 cms each day for the next few days until the flow reaches 10 cms.

I have heard anedotally that Sproat Lake is already at “August” type levels.  With no snowpack to keep the lakes and rivers flowing and cool it will be crucial to conserve water like this, especially for the returning Sockeye and then Chinook and Coho as well as Steelhead and others.  If you tube on the Stamp you might want to get out early and often since pretty soon it might be too low to get a tube down many parts.

There is no significant rainfall expected in the super-long range forecast out to June 5.

Web Downtime and Pictures!

I will update again tomorrow.  Apologies for the downtime on the website yesterday. I guess lots of people were wanting to check out the temperature and it took down the site.  I am going to investigate getting a more powerful web server since it seems I keep running up against the limits of the provider I have now.

Oh, and last but not least, check out this amazing picture captured a few days ago by a resident in Beaver Creek!

credit: Jyoti Modhgil
credit: Cliff Jensen

And how about this for a monstrous sunset view! 😉

Happy Thursday everyone.