Heat to End June – Possible afternoon shower

We have a perfect forecast for the beginning of the summer vacation.  No doubt there will be plenty of people at Rogers Creek Park, and swimming in the Somass, Canal Beach and at Sproat Lake.

The models this morning are not quite as hot as the official EC forecast so it will be fun to see who is right, but it is really only academic since no matter what, we will have a very pleasant day.

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Clouds gradually clearing for pleasant weekend.

We should have seen our final bit of rain for June.  There might be a chance of an isolated shower this afternoon but the general trend is for things to get warm and drier and sunnier.  The charts from SpotX make this pretty clear.

image image

Don’t put too much stock in the actual temperatures on those charts as they often seem to under estimate.  But the trend is clear.  Looks like things should clear up completely on Sunday which should bring us into the high twenties or maybe even to 30°C.  The hot spell ends around Canada Day but even then you can see the temperatures remain a little milder than we have seen recently.

A great start to summer for all the kids out there! Have a wonderful weekend!