Trick or Treat Moustache Forecast – Chance of early showers, drier later

The Mustache has analyzed the data. With hat-tip to the hat.

Early Birdies and Boogeymen 4-5PM some very light showers around
The True Start of Treating time will be tricky… Still some showers lingering 5-6PM
Peak Pressure-Packed Pumpkin Period 6-7PM it dries up…

And It should stay dry the rest of the night.

Happy Halloween all, stay safe out there.

Hourly Halloween Forecast!

Well, it’s raining right now… and it will most of the day, but the good news is it’s all going to get out of the way by tomorrow for the kids to go get all candied up!

Below is the hour-by-hour forecast for tomorrow according to the University of Washington forecast model.  Basically, it has us almost completely dry all day with only a slight chance of showers most of the day and into the evening, but nothing packing an umbrella around with you just in case won’t take care of.

I will update this forecast if anything changes drastically in the 11AM update today or in the morning tomorrow.

3-4PM Basically Dry
3-4PM Basically Dry
4-5PM Tiny pockets of showers. Likely nothing.
5-6PM Basically Dry
6-7PM Basically Dry
7-8PM Basically Dry in the Valley but notice moisture building on West Coast and Georgia Strait. We will have to see if the timing on this moves ahead and ‘threatens’ candy time.
8-9PM Still Basically Dry but the moisture is building on the water so we’ll see if the timing on this holds.