So when won’t it rain?

This week’s forecast is pretty straight forward. It is going to rain a whole bunch, particularly tomorrow.

So you might be wondering when might be a time when it shouldn’t be raining. I like to use the 3 hour forecast from UWash. In the next 3 days, the only daylight 3 hour segments that shows no rainfall is Monday between 8-11AM


And Wednesday between 5-8AM


Notice the size of that front on the second image. Tuesday is going to be mighty wet. In fact, between Tuesday and Wednesday morning the model is forecasting more than 50mm of rain.


I do love the sound of the rain on the roof though.

Happy Monday.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.00.20 PM

Here comes the Rain Friday – Weekend looks OK

The rain will start very early Friday morning, be strongest between 5AM and 8AM and taper off through the evening and night.

Between 11PM Thursday night and 11PM Friday the models are predicting 60mm of rain to fall.  Here is the breakdown:

11-2AM: 2 mm, 2-5AM: 8 mm, 5-8AM: 16 mm, 8-11AM: 16 mm, 11AM-2PM: 4 mm, 2-5PM: 4 mm, 5-8PM 4 mm, 8-11PM: 4 mm.

The good news is that it should clear away by Saturday morning and Saturday and most of Sunday looks dry.