SD70 and VIU Closed – Winter Storm and Freezing Rain Warnings — ENDED– Snowman Cam Live


It’s just creeping up to 1ºC (0.9ºC right now actually) but the rain has now started and is here to stay. All warnings have been lifted for the South Island. That said, the roads are still pretty messy it will take awhile for the slush to be washed away but by tomorrow it should look a lot clearer and it will likely all be gone, except for the big piles from snow clearing, by Monday.

But will the snowman still be there? Only time, and Youtube, will tell. 🙂

Have a good day!

Sutton Pass, Hump, Malahat may have ice sections – Warnings remain.

ECCC continues to warn that until we warm 2-3°C , the threat of snow and Freezing Rain continues. Winter Storm warnings remain for Inland VI. The snowfall warningnis ended for the east side but a Freezing Rain warning is in place for the Malahat.

We have not received as much snow as predicted but we remain at almost exactly freezing. As you can see below the temperature has been stable for most of the past 24hrs.

A graph showing temperature and dewpoint

The radar is showing a mix (purple) of rain and snow over Inland parts of the Island. But mostly rain (green) elsewhere, except Courtenay where it appears to still be snowing.

A radar image from Carrot app shows southern VI

We should transition to rain for good around noon if it warms as forecast but keep your eye on the temperature. We should get a break from the rain by tonight.

Important: Snowman Cam is up ☃️

I was looking for a way to test my second webcam that will eventually go up on the roof… so I present to you: Snowman Cam Live!

It will remain until Mr Snowman does not. 🙂

Take care out there!

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