Welcome to Meteorological Winter! Foggy and cool start. #GivingTuesday is here!

December is here! Will it snow?

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We have a fairly long stretch of relatively dry weather in store. It will be cool and likely foggy in the Valley or bound by low cloud. Hopefully we will get some sunny breaks later in the day.

I would love to tell you when it will snow, but that would be fair to the people who have already put in their snow contest guess! So get yours in today! 🙂

I am already working on this month’s summary. Hopefully have that posted tomorrow.

Still no showers Thursday according to UWash.

EC and UWash continue to fight over what will happen Thursday but I have to go with the UWash model as it would be extremely unusual for this speck of moisture off the coast Thursday morning:

To turn into rain for us.

Giving Tuesday is here!

Please consider donating to a charity today. And if you’re looking for one in Port Alberni, I am raising money for Alberni Community and Women’s Service Society. They help women and families fleeing domestic and sexual abuse and who deal with mental problems, drug addiction and homelessness.

I would be honoured if you would help me reach my $1000 goal in their annual Coldest Night of the Year fundraising drive! Thank you so much.

Just click the image to go donate or click on this link: http://walk.w-ith.me/chris


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