Unsettled showery week continues. Please test a new web design. Anemometer (wind) offline.

We have moisture spinning just to the West of Vancouver Island that will be sending us bands of moisture periodically through the next few days. Today (Wednesday) should be mostly cloudy periods. Rain will move through Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Expect the fog to continue as well in the mornings as we cool to near freezing with high humidity. This may also produce some wet snow on Sunday. We dry out a bit next week.

Working on new page design for Almanac view.

Over the past few days I have been revamping my Almanac layout to be displayed better on mobile devices and to be generally more readable. I have completed the first page here. Feel free to go check it out and leave a comment on this post with any suggestions you might have!

UPDATE: I’ve moved my experimental page onto the main Almanac links so you should see the new design at the normal Almanac link from the front page. It is only applied to the current day page for now. I’ll be extending it to the weekly, monthly and yearly pages in the next few days.

Anemometer offline

It appears as though either the battery in my anemometer transmitter has died or there is a hardware problem with the sensor itself. Either way, the gauge stopped sending proper data on Sunday or Monday. I took it offline yesterday.

Non wind related data is not affected. I’ll have to get up to the roof to assess what the problem is. Hopefully it is just a battery but I suspect it is more as I replaced the battery not long ago (they generally last years). If it is a hardware issue it might be a few weeks before I can purchase and receive a replacement.

Hopefully I don’t miss too much wacky spring weather. 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!

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