ECCC issues Winter Storm Warning

I am not surprised that they have issued this for the storm on Thursday afternoon.

I will have a blog Thursday morning but the main points of the warning are as I mentioned in my podcast.

Significant snow 10-15cm and “an extended period of freezing rain” from Thursday night into Friday morning is possible before the storm turns to rain sometime on Friday.

Ill have another blog in the morning but you can also see my podcast below for more details.

Expect the snow to start up again around 1PM.

Stay safe out there!

Update: 10AM – New Podcast Uploaded Podcast for January 17

Quick update below — Forecast for tomorrow is in the Podcast!

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Snow should end before Noon

Then the next system will come Thursday afternoon and it is going to be a DOOZY.

Expect very treacherous conditions today but especially Thursday.

I will post a Youtube Podcast later this morning once I finish shovelling! Subscribe there and click the bell notified!

Have fun out there! I expect SnowPeople! 🙂

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