Morning Flurries

There were patches of flurries happening all the way from Parksville to Nanaimo this morning. There was snow on the ground in Coombs and Errington, but neither of these were true in Port Alberni (except perhaps deeper Beaver Creek/Beaufort)

It has continued to flurry off and on for the past few hours here in Nanaimo.

More flurries possible tonight – but not Port Alberni

The South Island will probably get some more flurries tonight and possibly some real snowfall Tuesday morning as a week low pressure system spins offshore from Washington State and brushes by, sending arctic air across the Strait of Georgia and onto the Island.

I would expect Mt Arrowsmith and the Beauforts to continue to shield Port Alberni from any of this white stuff.

However. We will not be spared the cold!

Really darn cold.

Both Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning are expected to be very cold indeed. Here is what the UWash model has for us:

Wednesday night looks like as low as -4ºC plus a windchill. It might be as low as -10ºC with lower windchill out on Somers Road in the Valley!

As for Wednesday morning:

The wind looks like it has died down but it still looks very cold for Port Alberni and the Alberni Valley down around -6ºC.

We clear out and dry up for the rest of the week and into the weekend!

Bundle up and plug those drafts windows and doors!

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