Snow for Ground Hog Day? – Maybe Not for Port Alberni

After nearly a month without seeing snow, are we about to see some new white stuff fall from the sky?

Unfortunately, snow lovers might be disappointed.

The 24 hour snow accumulation pictured above shows very little snow south of Campbell River. It actually looks like Vancouver and the Fraser Valley will get some but the Island looks very light at sea level.

That said, we are expected to be around the 1-2ºC mark through much of the day which means we could see snow fall from the sky even if it doesn’t stick.

Expect showers of rain or snow to start around 10AM but expect it to be light. Which is another point in the rain column.

Unless it is unexpectedly cold we should expect the lighter precipitation to fall as rain, or, worst case freezing rain.

That said, it’s going to be doing something, rain or snow all the way through Wednesday and into Thursday morning.

Take care out there and Happy Groundhog Day!

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