Slight chance of flurries Monday night – Better chance Tuesday

UWash model dry until Tuesday afternoon

While there might be a very slight chance of rain predicted by EC, the UWash model sees nothing at all on the Island until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

The 1-2PM Tuesday period is below. There is only a little bit of moisture reaching the north end of the Island.

Possible rain or snow Tuesday night

Precipitation doesn’t really start to fill in until the 9-10PM period Tuesday night. The picture below shows most of it falling as rain (grey), especially at lower elevations with snow (green) in the mountains. But if the low temperatures linger in the valley we could see snow, or a mix.

Precipitation will continue into Wednesday morning and should end by around noon on Wednesday. If it does fall as snow, there could be some accumulation but I don’t anticipate much.

Rain starts Thursday night

The end of the week looks wet and it will start with a system that will bring rain to the entire Pacific coast from Haida Gwaii to Southern California:

It will be Northern California that gets the most moisture out of it.

We’ll see more rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By this time next week, the snow, if any falls will be a distant memory again. 🙂

Poor Air Quality this morning

The cold weather has got folks firing up their wood stoves and the poor air quality was very prominent in the readings on the Air Quality map as a result. Note, I removed the AQ map from the front page as it was severely delaying the loading of that page. You can get to it on its dedicated Air Quality Conditions page.

Happy Monday!

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