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Yesterday I posted a podcast on Youtube going through the Annual temperature and rainfall statistics for 2023 and how it compared to the historical record. You can see it on the Youtube Channel. Feel Free to Subscribe at

Rain starts Friday 10AM

The final bout of rain in this warm spell will start Friday morning as it sweeps down the Island. Expect showers to turn to rain by around 10AM or noon for the South Island.

The rain will intensify through the afternoon and peak in the Port Alberni and central Island area around 7PM as we can see in the model picture below.

Cool northwesterlies will blow behind it and bring in some cold air.

Is Winter Finally Coming?

The cold air this weekend might be just enough to produce snow when the next system comes in on Tuesday! Temperatures will be right at the freezing mark. Currently the UWash model has a possibility of light snow on Monday morning across the mid-Island. The green areas below are small amounts of snowfall.

A stronger system on Tuesday might bring a little more snow, particularly for Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Parksville and Courtenay.

We’ll see! A lot can change in the forecast in the next five days. But it’s something to watch!

Cold Arctic late next week.

What seems a little more certain is that we’re about to have a change in pattern overall from pacific warm to arctic cold. Here is the temperature picture for Wednesday morning:

winter temperature scale UWash

That image has us down to around -10ºC. Fun!

Keep your eyes out.

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