Good News! Best chance of snow is around Christmas! Bad News: It’s not a very large chance :)

We’re a week away from Christmas Eve Day!  That means I’ve been getting some questions about whether we have a shot at seeing any significant white stuff at all between now and the day Santa comes.  I’ll use this post to take a peak.

So here’s the good news.  We could get snow between now and then.  It is possible, it’s even on the weather charts!  Check out the middle of the chart below. You’ll see little grey bars on Saturday… and a couple more next Monday.

How likely is this to happen?  Well, what’s missing for a really great possibility of snow is a strong cold snap.  Though as we saw a couple weeks ago even that doesn’t guarantee that we get snow but it does make it more likely.

The other thing working against the snow forecast is lack of agreement.  The above chart is from the US GFS.  Below is Environment Canada.  They are much more, and thus, all rain.

So I think we’re in for a green Christmas. If you want to see snow this Christmas season, the best place to go is Mt. Arrowsmith or Washington. 🙂

We have a few more rain storms to deal with before the weekend as well.  Including this afternoon. I’ll have some more about that tomorrow!

Happy snow-less Monday! 🙂

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