Update: Snowfall Warning Issued for Nanaimo/East Island

Strait-Effect Snow is occurring. EC refers to it as “snow streamers off the Strait of Georgia”!

5-15cm is possible especially away a little further inland (Coombs, Errington, Jingle Pot, etc)


Treacherous Highway 19 and parts of Highway 4

A quick post to say be careful out there! While accumulations are not huge, the cold wind is freezing slush and snow to the roads creating treacherous conditions.

Avoid the highways if you can. And if you cannot, then please drive safely. There were already multiple accidents between Parksville and VIU this morning before 7:30AM. This is likely to continue through Wednesday and into Thursday.

I don’t expect any snow in Port Alberni itself but the surrounding hills and mountain passes including the Hump and Sutton Pass will see blowing snow at times.

Take care out there.

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