Dangerous Freezing Rain potential – Webcam replaced – Youtube Live Feed up

Cold start!

Today will be the coldest day of 2021, so far. It might get colder in the final days of the year. (Previously the coldest days of this year were back in February. On February 9th we got down to -3.6ºC. This morning we got down to -6.1ºC. It was even colder at the Airport: -10.5ºC at 5AM.

Freezing Rain Warning!

A potentially nasty afternoon and evening awaits us! Be careful out there. Here is the Freezing Rain Warning.

A system will advance towards the south coast today, bringing in milder air aloft. Precipitation is expected to develop across Vancouver Island this afternoon. With frigid air trapped in many valleys throughout inland Vancouver Island, a prolonged period of freezing rain is forecast.

Surface temperatures will rise through the night, allowing for the freezing rain to transition to rain.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots will become icy, slippery and hazardous. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas. Ice build-up may cause tree branches to break.


The model has pushed the timing back by about an hour. Moisture is expected to appear over the West Island and Port Alberni in the 1-2PM hour. The precipitation is definitely focused on the inland and west coast areas of Vancouver Island along with northern parts of east vancouver. Parksville south to Victoria look much drier but expect rain if you are closer to the hills.

Precipitation will start no later than 4PM and likely as soon as 2PM, particularly in the mountains.

Expect the heaviest rainfall/freezing rain (or snow) to occur in the 7-8PM hour.

It should lighten up, and warm up overnight, but expect bands of showers throughout the day and into the night on Wednesday.

We move back into freezing temperatures and the chance of snow Thursday and into Christmas Eve.

Stay safe.

Webcam up!

Oh! And I forgot to include in the post, the webcam is back! You can see it on the frontpage and on the Youtube Channel.