Coldest night so far – New Podcast up – Why this Arctic weather? And Snow Wednesday and Thursday morning


It was the coldest night so far. We set a record at the Airport since 1994 of -11.5ºC but it was nowhere near the record. This day in 1950 we reached -21ºC in Port Alberni and -25ºC in Beaver Creek.

Why is it so cold? A Podcast and Forecast

I’ve made a podcast this afternoon looking at the temperatures we’ve had, the records we did and did not set, and why this pattern is occurring. (hint: Global Warming –> Wacky Jetstream –> Polar Vortex/Heat Dome) Podcast

Heads up for East Coast Snow Tuesday/Wednesday

The models are pretty solid on a snow event for the East side of Vancouver Island on Tuesday as a system comes in just to the south of us. The Arctic air will be drawn out of the Interior by easterly winds and so there is strong potential for 5-10cm of snow on the East side of the Island from Nanaimo to Duncan. This one will be less likely to impact Port Alberni.

Image shows east coast snow near midnight Tues/Wed. Less activity for Port Alberni

Snow/Rain Warmup event Thursday

The bigger dump of snow and rain for Port Alberni will come on Thursday morning as a strong Pacific system tapping into tropical moisture dumps that moisture on the Island. I would expect if we have not warmed up after the Wednesday event, then this could be a major snow event in Port Alberni. It is still far out in the forecast but the conditions are set as of now for a clash that will cause a big mess.

A band of moisture reaching down into the tropics impacts Vancouver Island on Wednesday night and Thursday morning and into Friday.

Rain will persist into Friday so I would expect by then that most of the snow at lower elevations will be long gone.

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