15cm on the ground – What’s Next – More Flurries, Snow. Warmer and Rain starts Saturday.

Welcome to winter.

It’s been so cold and snowy since December 21st it’s hard to believe we’re not even a month into winter!


Last night’s winter storm definitely delivered on everything that was predicted. Rain, sleet, lots of snow, and some freezing rain for us, (thankfully not too much) but a lot more freezing rain for other areas.

Flurries and Snow return tonight

The system is going to “back up” a little bit this evening and move back over the extreme southern parts of Vancouver Island in the 4-7PM period.

This should mostly impact Victoria and parts of the Cowichan Valley which could see more snow, and possibly freezing rain and rain tonight. Lighter precipitation will get up to Tofino and Ucluelet and parts of Oceanside, Port Alberni and Courtenay.

The system will move off to the south again overnight and gradually exit the Island. Victoria will again get the worst of it.

Friday will be a bit of a break from the action but there might still be rain or flurries lingering.

Real Rain Saturday

We should warm up enough over the freezing mark on Saturday that the incoming system will fall exclusively as rain.

You can expect the rain to begin mid-morning and last through the afternoon on Saturday. This will unfortunately line up with an afternoon high tide of 3 metres in Port Alberni. If there is significant melt there could be some localized flooding. Keep an eye on conditions and on messages from the River Forecast Centre.

Warm up next week

We get into a more normal temperature pattern next week. If there is significant snow on the ground this could make for a bit of a mess.

Stay safe out there.

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