Did you know?

You can subscribe to this Alberniweather blog by clicking on the little “Bell” down at the bottom left hand corner. It will set a reminder in your web browser to notify you. This applies separately to any browser or device, so if you use this webpage on a laptop and a phone, you can set a notification for each.

Just tap the bell and subscribe and whenever a new post comes up on Alberniweather you will get a message in your web browser.  This is separate from any email subscriptions.

As this webpage grows I’ve been trying to ensure it stays responsive and quick to access. I know that lately it has been quite slow.  If you see any of these kinds of issues please don’t hesitate to email me at alberniweather @ gmail.com. It helps immensely when I hear from others.  

I’ve made a few changes lately that I hope will improve the speed a little, or maybe even a lot.  No matter what, if you find yourself frustrated with anting on the website, please tell me! I want to make this place as useful and non-stressful to reach as possible.

Thanks for all your support over the years!