Wonky backwards jetstream delivers dry sunny week here, and Californian rain and snow.

Easy forecast today. There is no precipitation expected for the next week on the Island. Skies will be clear except for possible fog in he early morning in Port Alberni but that should burn off before noon Monday through Wednesday.

There is a little more moisture starting Thursday so more widespread fog expected then but still no actual precipitation.

The jetstream is a bit wonky as you can see below with the bright colours being the strong winds of the jet. A normal pattern is generally somewhat wavy flowing west to east.

We can see the polar jet, which normally flows quite close to us (delivering rain), makes a big loop way up into Alaska and Yukon and then turns back… delivering dry, cool continental air to us, before focusing its energy on Oregon and California as it makes a sharp turn back to the East.

The result is a firehose of rain and snow on Oregon and California.

Southern Oregon and northern California will get as much as 30-45cm (1-1.5ft) of snow in the next couple days.

So enjoy the sun when it appears here. Others will not be so lucky. 🙂 Happy Monday!

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