Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Winter Solstice right…. NOW! Happy Winter! Possible Strait Effect Snow on East Coast Friday

  • Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

    Forecast Issued 4:00 PM PST Saturday 23 February 2019 - Saturday night: Rain showers and flurries changing to a few flurries near midnight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 1. Wind chill minus 3 overnight. Sunday: Clearing in the morning. High 7. UV index 2 or low. Sunday night: Clear. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low minus 5. Wind chill near minus 7. Monday: Sunny. High plus 5. Monday night: Clear. Low minus 6. Tuesday: Sunny. High plus 4. Tuesday night: Clear. Low minus 7. Wednesday: Snow. High plus 3. Wednesday night: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of rain showers or flurries. Low zero. Thursday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries or rain showers. High 7. Thursday night: Cloudy with 30 percent chance of rain showers or flurries. Low zero. Friday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 7.

  • Current Conditions
    1.7° C
    -0.6 ° C/hr
    101.77 kPa
    N/A 0.0 km/h
    gusting 0.0 km/h
    96 %
    Rain Rate
    0.0 mm/hr
    Wind Chill
    1.7° C
    Heat Index
    1.7° C
    1.2° C
    0 W/m2
    Last Updated: 21:30:00 PST
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  • Day Almanac
    Day's Rain
    0.5 mm
    Day ET
    0.0 mm mm
    Rain Storm
    NotAvailable mm
    Civil Rise
    Moon Phase
    Waning gibbous (73% full)
    Civil Set
    Day Length
    Day High
    6.9° C @ 14:00 Tdy.
    Day Low
    -1.6° C @ 01:46 Tdy.
    Day High Rain Rate
    Day High Barometer
    101.77 kPa @ 11:29 Tdy.
    Day Low Barometer
    101.51 kPa @ 00:13 Tdy.
    Day Low Windchill
    -1.6° C @ 01:46 Tdy.
    Day High Heat Index
    6.9° C @ 14:00 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 14.6km/h @ 15:05 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    650W/m2 @ 12:25 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    1.7 @ 12:25 Tdy.

Winter Solstice occurred exactly when this post was published, at 8:28AM Pacific Time.

Happy First day of Winter! Yesterday was the shortest day of the year… it’s all good, expanding hours, of sunshine from now to summer! 🙂

But that’s not the only reason for this post. We may see strait effect snow start up on the East Coast late on Thursday.

The UWash model is not always very good at picking this activity up.

You can see the easterly winds from the Fraser Valley on the models.

Environment Canada is predicting snow fall from those easterly winds starting this afternoon.  UWash does not see that.

However, the NAM model does show some light flurries in the Lower Mainland in the late afternoon around sundown.

Friday a little stronger for the Island, pockets near Bowser and Denman/Hornby Islands.

The UWash model does indicate a stronger possibility of East Coast Strait effect snow on Friday morning.  It is a small time period, from 3-6AM.

I don’t expect to see any snow in Port Alberni on Thursday or Friday.  These kinds of events are usually very localized and unpredictable though so be careful if you are on the roads.

Snow on Christmas Eve?

The cat is out of the bag.  There are lots of predictions out there now that we could see snow for Christmas.  The most likely right now is that we will get snow on Sunday and it will stick around until Christmas.  I’ll leave more details to tomorrow morning after the high resolution models are done which will bring Monday into view.

For now… here’s the 24hr snow-depth-on-ground forecast for Monday 4AM.