Winter in the morning – Warm in the Afternoon.

Fall just started but… brrr.

Here is the picture for Wednesday morning. Two things to notice, the flags are all pointing to the top left… northwesterly winds. Those winds are bringing the cold blue colours.

Wind switch on Monday night.

Below is the wind picture this morning. There were strong southerlies in Georgia Strait off of Nanaimo.

50kt = 90kph

They are expected to switch around to the north west this evening in the 5-8PM period.

That’s going to bring cold air from the Interior.

Watching the Arctic come to visit.

Here is the wider picture, you can see the high pressure in the Gulf of Alaska moving east and bringing Arctic air down from the north:

Monday Morning

Tuesday Morning

Wednesday Morning.

You can see some very tight lines over Northern California and Nevada. They will be getting some strong winds there. We can expect sun and cold until Friday.

Bundle up in the morning, warm in the afternoon!

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