We had another beautiful day today as we complete our first week of fall!

Change coming Sunday

Saturday will be pleasant as well but expect the winds of change to blow as a new raft of systems come in off the Pacific!

We can see a few waves setting up on Sunday as a low spins west of Haida Gwaii.

The first front will move through early Sunday morning in the 5-8AM period.

Expect anywhere from 5-8mm of rain to fall in Port Alberni in that period and then another 5mm from 8-11AM

Amounts will be much greater on the West Coast but it looks like there will be a large rainshadow over the Parksville/Nanaimo area so they might escape most of the moisture.

It should continue raining until the 2PM time frame. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to dry out a bit.

Storm, Heavy Rain Sunday Night

Sunday night a much stronger event comes ashore with Port Alberni receiving as much as 20mm of rain between 8PM-11PM! The model also shows strong winds moving down the Strait of Georgia.

That will be the strongest wind and rain but the rain and showers will continue through Sunday night and into Monday morning.

We could see 25-30mm of rain falling between 5AM Sunday and 5AM Monday in Port Alberni. Up to 100mm could fall in the moments so expect the rivers to swell a bit. The Courtenay/Comox/Bowser area will also see higher totals in the 30-40mm range. Nanaimo and points south will be closer to 8-10mm.

We should get a break on Tuesday but we’ll be back to rain on Wednesday night with another strong rain event as the big low moves into the Gulf of Alaska.

Possible first big Wind event next week?

At the very end of the forecast the model has what might be the beginnings of a strong low pressure system out in the Pacific on Friday October 1st pointed in our general direction.

It’s likely that it will turn north but we’ll see how the model evolves over the coming days.

Enjoy the sun and warm temperatures while they’re here! 🙂

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