If you are seeing this, it worked. All Data now refreshing.

Thanks for your patience. Now I can get back to the weather!

previous update below…

If you can read this then you are seeing the website on its new home. Hooray!! If you are not seeing this (or know someone having trouble) then the best thing to do is to be patient. It may take up to a few hours for some web browsers and computers to refresh and get the new address.

If all else fails you can restart your computer to force it to get the new web address for alberniweather.ca

The data will not be updating yet but I’ll be working on the home system now to get it moving data to the new space.

Thanks for your patience everyone and I hope the new space is better for everyone!

EDIT: After a bunch more work everything is setup for the new server. Most importantly, the Forecasts are updating. The data (Data View and Almanac) will be intermittent for awhile.

The lingering issue will be what’s called “DNS” which is the kind of invisible force that binds the Internet together. It takes awhile for everyone to see the new place, including my own servers at home. It should resolve itself over the next 24 hours. I’ll keep an eye on it but mostly I’ll just be waiting with the rest of you.

Thanks for your patience. The new webserver has already proven to be far more responsive and robust. I hope you find the same.

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