The worst might be over. PM2.5 levels still high, but getting better. Thursday dry and pleasant. Showers on the way Friday and Saturday.

EC just issued a new Statement

As I was writing this post EC issued a new Air Quality statement. Here it is:

Air quality has improved considerably across southern B.C. overnight however fine particulate matter levels remain elevated. Winds from the south are expected to continue to transport smoke north over the next 24-48 hours until the upper low off the south coast moves onshore over the weekend. Smoke will be visible aloft throughout the lower half of the province. Additional regions across the central part of the province may be added to the bulletin tomorrow.

We seem to be on an improving trend. The PM2.5 level at the Ministry station on Alberni Elementary, which has been consistently higher than mine likely because it is at the bottom of the hill and I am at the top*, is at 50ug/m3 right now. That is still not unhealthy, any prolonged period over 20 triggers an air quality warning, but it is definitely an improvement. (*smoke drains downhill like water, especially overnight).

My station has been down as low as 35 this morning though it just popped back up to 50. Just to emphasize, this is double the normal limit for safe air quality, so we should continue to avoid strenuous activity outdoors and people with asthma and COPD will be still be feeling it.

The smoke forecasts at seem to indicate that light smoke will remain over the next few days but should dissipate by Saturday. Let’s hope it’s right!

Back to the weather! Dry Thursday showers Friday

The smoke robbed us of what was likely the last week of truly summery weather. Above the smoke, there were multiple days with sunshine and scattered clouds and warm temperatures.

Thursday, smoke notwithstanding, should see partly cloudy skies but it should stay dry and warm.

Friday will see scattered showers start to move over the Island in the morning and continue through Saturday. Sunday looks pretty dry before a potentially very wet week next week.

Happy Thursday!

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