Surprising 34.1°C high June 1 – double checked.

We were only supposed to get up to 30°C yesterday but both the Airport (31.1°C), and especially the in town stations got well above that! It appears my station was hottest of all. It was so hot, in fact that I didn’t believe it!

Double checked, and confirmed. 34.1°C

Thanks to the PurpleAir AQ sensor, which has temperature and humidity sensors as well as the particulate sensors, I was able to check its readings and compare.

Here is the graph from my station showing the peak just above 34°C

And here is the peak from the PurpleAir sensor showing an identical reading at the same time.

Lending further credence to the value is the fact the stations are in separate locations. The main station is high up on the washline post about 1.8m above our shed. The PurpleAir sensor is attached to our roof deck railing on the house. You can see both on the webcam.

But that’s not all, it was humid.

No doubt you have felt the mugginess lately. Well you’re not crazy, it has been humid. This isn’t totally unusual for this time of year but yesterday’s combination of extreme heat and a little extra humidity made it uncomfortable. Check out the humidity graphs and humidex of the past week. It definitely has “felt” hot.

Since there is no “windchill” these days you can treat the blue line in the second graph as regular temperature… you can see the humidity made it feel hot on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was thankfully the driest day though so the effect was not as pronounced at 30% as it would have been at 50%.

Relief Today, Showers later week.

We should only get to 25°C or so as the main heat shifts into the Interior but it will remain pleasant with just some clouds moving in overnight. We will cool off to below twenty with possible rain Friday.

Stay cool out there!

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